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We named our organization in honor of our Grand/Granny midwives who paved the way for birth communities & professionals today.

Our Granny Midwives acted as both community healers and baby catchers to the communities not accepted by society. They were the life line for black and rural communities. As their profession was colonized their names were washed from history. Granny's Birth Initiative is named after those that cared for all. We will carry on the legacy, while ensuring black and brown birthing people have a safe space as we fight the Black Infant & Maternal Health Crisis and the challenges or transitioning through the penal, child welfare, and transitional housing systems.

We believe all birthing people deserve to have access to maternal support. Incarceration, forester care, or homelessness does not deserve to be met with negligence or judgment.

Our Mission


 Granny’s Birth Initiative seeks to provide support for disenfranchised birthing families, that are often overlooked due to societal shame or lack of acceptance. It is the birthing people that are BIPOC, incarcerated or homeless girls/women, those in foster care or transitioning out are often forgotten about or served with judgment.


 Our focus is to initiate the movement to create and provide access to maternal support, childbirth education, doulas, and lactation even if the dyad has been separated.


Create access to Doula and lactation support, birth education, legal support and other resources are the key tools in our fight to decrease maternal and infant mortality in Black and other marginalized communities.

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Our Fist Steps

No one should have to birth alone, even behind bars nor shackled. Dignity Bill 1, passed in 2018 deemed shackling during labor yet so many express this is their experience. One, many are not educated on their new right as well as the staffing of these system remain ignorant of the law. We want to provide doulas not only to advocate but to educate both the prison population and staffing.

We are looking for a space! Those transitioning out of government support programs or other orgs supporting birthing people. They will be able to come in and select up to 10 free items for themselves quarterly and 10 free items for their growing infants, Monthly!


Have you seen the his show, MAID on Netflix? Check out episode 9, the underground store is exactly what we would like to provide for the people of KY!

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Bottles of Love

A program in which a birthing person will have the chance to express their breastmilk to be delivered to their baby.

Every infant deserves a healthy start. Breastmilk is a proven holistic weapon against infant mortality.


Milk producing bodies deserve to have ways to express milk for their own health benefits as well. Providing pumps to do so will avoid engorgement and mastitis.

This program will also serve as a mentorship. As we service those in need, upcoming lactation consultants and educators can obtain the observed contact hours & experience needed to become certified perinatal health professionals.

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Help us Bring these Programs to Life!

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