Dignity Bill Part 2 Passed!

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

We are so delighted & proud to say we helped pass Dignity Bill Part 2, which continued to guaranteed human birth and postpartum care for birthing people in the penal systems of KY.

  • 6 weeks of postpartum care.

  • Ending solitary confinement during pregnancy and postpartum period.

  • Expanding pregnancy medical release to include community based treatment for substance use disorder where people who just gave birth can bond with their children and keep their families together.

  • Requiring the Department of Correction to gather and publish on the Legislative Research Commission's website data on solitary confinement including the person's age, gender, ethnicity, reason for being placed in solitary, and date in/ date out.

  • Providing social workers who can work with incarcerated people to determine care for

"The number of women in Kentucky's prisons has increased more than 27-fold, from 111 in 1978 to 3,021 in 2017. The number of women in Kentucky's jails has increased more than 44-fold, from 83 in 1970 to 3,727 in 2015" (
"Since 1990, the Black incarceration rate has increased 130 percent" (

Many of these women enter pregnant or separated from a child. Humane & rehabilitative treatment enhances positive changes as both a parent and person once released.

GBI will continue to advocate for birth and breastfeeding rights, not only for birthing people of the penal system but of the child foster care system, and transitional housing.

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