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Our  Maternity Donation Drive focuses on the major items need for baby to return home from CPS or prevent from even going! It is our to provide the entire nursery to those in need. Diaper Stations, Cribs, Rocking Chairs in mint condition can be dropped off or a pick up may be scheduled!


Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

It is our goal to supply 10 families with their entire nursery (Crib, diaper station,& chair), plus their choice between a bassinet or pack and play!

Monthly Maternity Donation Drive

Every Second Sunday of the month, you can find your GBI crew preaching the gospel of maternal support, reproductive justice, & coordinating pick ups of large maternity items at Logan Street Market.

1001 Logan Street Market   Louisville, KY

Smaller donation items can be placed in our donation boxes, located at each entrance. LSM is open everyday, Except Mondays!

GBI Founder & Executive Director, Doula Alexa Hughes at LSM with her sister's support. 
Accepted Donation Items
  • Cribs

  • Diaper Stations

  • Bassinets

  • Pack and Play

  • High Chairs

  • Must be in MINT condition with all parts

  • Mattresses Must be NEW

  • Drop off is appreciated, items are pick up eligible.

LSM Drop off
  • Baby Clothes: 0-2 years age

  • Toddler Clothes: 0-5 years of age

  • Shoes

  • Maternity Clothes/ Bras

  • Postpartum Clothing

  • Pump Systems- no tubing unless new

  • Nursing Pillows

  • New Bottles, Pacifier, Nipple Shields

  • Diapers

  • Wipes

  • Menstural Pads

  • Baby Books

  • Must be in MINT condition- no wholes, stains, or orders.

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